What Is The Meaning of Absence seizure?

Absence seizures include brief, unexpected lapses associated with consciousness. They may more common within children compared to adults.

Somebody having a good absence seizure may seem like he or she is looking
blankly into space for a couple seconds. After that, there is a fast return to
an ordinary level of alertness. This type of seizure usually does not lead to
actual physical injury.

Shortage seizures generally can be managed with anti-seizure medications. A few children that have them additionally develop some other seizures. Numerous children grow out of absence seizures in their teenagers.

Indication of an easy absence seizure is an empty stare, which can be
mistaken for any lapse inside attention which lasts regarding 10 seconds,
though it might last as long as 20 seconds, without any misunderstandings,
headache or even drowsiness after that.

Signs and symptoms regarding the absence
seizures include:

  • The sudden halt in the movement without falling
  • Lip smacking
  • Eyelid flutters
  • Chewing motions
  • Finger rubbing
  • Little movements of both hands

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