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E-bandage produces electricity, speeds injury curing in rats

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Our skin possesses an amazing capacity to cure on its own. However
in sometimes, injuries cure very gradually or not at all, setting someone at
the chance for continual pain, infection and skin damage. Currently, scientists
have produced a self-driven bandage that produces an electrical area above an injury,
significantly decreasing the curing period for skin injuries in rats. The
report was published in ACS Nano.

Continual skin injuries contain diabetic foot ulcers, venous ulcers, and
non-curing surgical injuries. Physicians have used many strategies to assist
continual injuries cure, such as bandaging, dressing, exposure to oxygen and
growth factor treatment, however, they usually display minimal success.
As soon as the sixties, scientists noticed that electric
activation could assist skin injuries cure. But, the equipment for producing
the electrical area is usually big and may need sufferer to shift in the
hospital. Weibo Cai, Xudong Wang, and co-workers desired to produce a flexible,
self-driven bandage that could turn skin activities into a therapeutic electric

By powering the electric bandage, or E-bandage, the scientists produced a
wearable nanogenerator by overlapping sheets of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE),
copper foil and polyethylene terephthalate (PET). This nanogenerator turned skin
activities, what happens when the regular activity or even breathing, into tiny
electric pulses. This specific current flowed to two functioning electrodes
which were located on both sides of the skin injury to generate a poor electric

The researchers examined the device by setting it over injuries on
rats’ backs. Injuries coated by electric-bandages or e-bandages finished in
just 3 days, in comparison with 12 days for a control bandage with no electric
field. The scientists attribute the quicker injury curing to increased
fibroblast migration, spreading and differentiation caused by the electric


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