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No need remote, the brain will run the TV!

Can you believe that when you think and the TV channel or sound will be changed as your desire? Technology company Samsung is a desire that seems like they are producing a kind of TV system, which does not need the remote or remote control, the brain will manage the TV!. Under the Pantheus project, Switzerland, with the Ecole Polytechnic Federal de Loyzene (EPFL) in Switzerland, the organization…
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Science and Tech

Disease detect by looking at the face

Every day you hear newer and something new is being created in the progress of science. In this segment, scientists have created the artificial intelligence of innovative technology, which is ready to identify some uncommon genetic problems due to the patient’s face.
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Electricity without cable

You have heard the internet without cable and TV without a remote. But very recently you will get electricity without cable. Electricity spread from one place to another without cable or any metal media. How is it possible Can you imagine? By applying the…
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E-Cigarettes has a great role in a heart attack or depression

A recent new report states vaping has observed that users are considerably more likely to fall, a victim, in comparison with those who don’t smoke cigarettes. “When the risk of heart attack increases by as much as 55 percent among e-cigarettes users compared to non-smokers, I wouldn’t want any of my patients nor my family members to vape,” said lead author, Dr. Mohinder…
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